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This is Emmeline Odysseys where professional women in non-tech roles embark on a transformative journey to master generative AI tools, enhancing both personal effectiveness and organisational productivity.


Our platform offers a rich array of resources, including gender-focused skills assessment technology and work-related training courses and workshops for women, and all this is supported by community engagement and good governance products. 


Emmeline Odysseys is designed to boost your confidence and upskill your teams ready to deliver organisational success in the fast moving era of AI.

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Carolyn Shepherd,

Founder of,

CIPD Assoc, Barrister,

AI-user specialist

Top Change Management Voice on LinkedIn

"I believe that in this fast-moving tech era, women have a window of opportunity to level up the playing field. This is a moment in time when women can shape not only their own destiny but also that of the planet.

Being confident users of GenAI tools will be the key to financial independence.  


I'm excited to welcome so many wonderful women who are taking the plunge to upskill, to start using Chatbots like ChatGPT in every day life. I'm lucky to be their guide, to help them master this liberating tool in a safe space, so they can use it to craft the life they want for themselves and their families."

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Meet your 'GenAI' Sister


Bryony Williams

Career & Leadership Coach, The Glass Female

"What sets Carolyn apart is her fresh approach to bridging the gap between tech and its users, ensuring that all women can benefit from GenAI and know how to use it. Her ability to simplify the concepts and distil the information, make them accessible to a wider audience which is truly revolutionising the way women approach AI.
Her ground breaking work has already changed the way in which I work, and I believe will pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse AI-driven future."

What Sisters are Saying


Adele Currie

Director of People & Culture FCIPD and

DProf Researcher

"What a brilliant problem solver! I asked a general question and Carolyn gave her time and expertise without any hesitation. That kind of generosity of spirit shows real integrity and I’m grateful to be part of her network. Fab!"


Joanne Goulding

Experienced HR Business Partner

"Attending Carolyn's “Exploring GenAI for HR” session was a privilege. She's a phenomenal trainer and visionary leader who's revolutionising HR. With boundless enthusiasm, Carolyn bridges traditional HR practices with AI tools. Her appreciation for AI's potential to amplify capabilities and enhance HR is inspiring. I highly recommend her training to elevate you as an HR professional and your organisation's human experience."

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Jan Penny

MCIPD, Certified Coach

"I really encourage you to learn with Carolyn about how AI can help you at work."

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Gemma Bromfield

ACIPD, Mediator & Workplace Investigator

"I can 100% recommend Carolyn, her positive and down to earth personality shines through from the moment you meet her."

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Emma Djemil

Founder of Be Unstoppable

"I love this! Carolyn, you're our AI guide now, your'e in it for life. "

Meet Your 'GenAI' Bestie

Carolyn Shepherd, Human Being, CIPD Associate, Barrister, Tech specialist and Founder of

Helping women everywhere, in all walks of life, get to grips with GenAI, one conversation at a time. 


Join one of our Lunchtime Learning sessions and discover

how easy and rewarding it is to use AI tools.

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