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Image by Andrew Neel

Can Generative AI be used to improve productivity in my workplace?

Absolutely! From automating mundane tasks to generating reports, AI can free up your team for more strategic work, boosting productivity and creativity.

Image by Andrew Neel

What is Generative AI, and how does it differ from other AI technologies?

Generative AI creates new content based on its training data, unlike other AI that focuses on analysis or prediction. It’s like having an AI partner that can write, design, and innovate alongside you. There’s quite a lot in that answer, we can cover that.

Image by Andrew Neel

How can I ensure that my use of Generative AI adheres to privacy and ethical guidelines?

Using AI responsibly involves choosing the right tools, understanding data handling practices, and staying informed about ethical guidelines. It’s a balance, but entirely manageable. It sounds scary, but really isn't.

Image by Andrew Neel

What's the difference between Microsoft Bing AI and the others?

There are several chatbots like ChatGPT from Open.AI (my favourite) but each of them keeps upgrading so I suggest testing your choice of chatbot with this teaser... 'Write 10 sentences ending in the word, Apple.' If they make mistakes, it's time to move on to another!

Image by Andrew Neel

My son is building something called a chatbot. Can you help me understand what he's talking about?

How exciting! That's right up my street and I'm guessing they will be your favourite hobby by the time our call finishes. See you soon.

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