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Carolyn is exactly who you need if you're curious about stepping into the world of Generative AI. With a solid background in HR, legal insights from her time working in the legal industry and a genuine passion for all things tech, she's perfectly equipped to guide you through the practical applications of AI, with a special focus on ChatGPT.

What sets Carolyn apart is her ability to blend her understanding of technology with her expertise in human relations and legal matters.


This unique combination means she's not just tech-savvy; she understands the human side of technology, making her an ideal guide for anyone looking to navigate the AI landscape.

Carolyn has been exploring and teaching others about the potential of AI for several years and since early 2023 she has dedicated her study to ChatGPT and other GenAI chatbots, applying them in every day situations. So, whether you're a complete newbie to AI or you're looking to deepen your existing knowledge, Carolyn's approach is all about clear, supportive, practical guidance. She's passionate about answering your questions, no matter how simple or complex.

An important part of Carolyn's toolkit is her book, "The ChatGPT Advantage." This book is all about helping people ask better questions of ChatGPT because the quality of the questions directly impacts the quality of the answers. Carolyn's insights in the book are designed to make users more adept at interacting with AI, enhancing their ability to get useful and precise information in return.

Carolyn's sessions are designed to be practical, informative, and tailored to your needs and interests. Her goal is to demystify AI and show you how it can be a practical tool for problem-solving, creativity, and efficiency in your daily life and work. With her guidance, you'll learn not just about what AI can do, but how to make it work for you in the best way possible.

If you're ready to explore how Generative AI and tools like ChatGPT can be part of your toolkit, Carolyn is here to lead the way. She's ready to share her knowledge, experience, and the insights from her book to help you navigate the AI world with confidence and curiosity.

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Nottingham University

Hull University

Queen Mary's College, London





Throughout career

Passed the Bar Vocation Course with flying colours, studied Pupillage in Bristol and Called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1999.

Graduate with an Honours degree in Law before going into teaching Sixth Form College students, Law and Business. 

Passed first year exams before returning home to Lincolnshire on compassionate leave. Turned out to take longer than expected so transitioned to Hull Uni.

Working in court during the boom. Found that it wasn't my thing, but made some good friends and learned a lot about injustice.

Recruited to manage the service side of a legal/ HR  start up. Loved it. Learned a lot about supply and demand and customer service.

Founded a tech business all about advisory work and staff management systems. Learned enough about sales and marketing to make a success of it. Business still thriving with loyal customers, some of whom have been with the company for over 20 years. 

Work as an interim HR consultant expanding my knowledge and meeting inspiring people. Love  designing workplaces where people feel valued and empowered.


Lots of tech projects including leading on collaborative chatbot for Innovate UK, mobile app for Natwest bank and multiple communication, training and onboarding systems for increasing efficiency, engagement and productivity.

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