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Ensure AI Compliance and Mitigate Risks with Our Comprehensive, Customisable Solution


Introducing our General Use AI Policy and Procedures pack, specifically designed for non-regulated UK businesses, to help staff use emerging AI technology responsibly at work.  Published March 2024.


As your business embraces the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI), it's crucial to have a robust set of policies and procedures in place to ensure compliance, ethical practices, and risk mitigation. Introducing our AI Policy and Procedures document - a comprehensive, customisable solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK.


Crafted by lawyer, gender equity and AI UX (User Experience) specialist, Carolyn Shepherd, our document covers all the essential elements you need to navigate the complex landscape of AI governance. Whether you're looking for an off-the-shelf download or a tailored solution, we've got you covered.


Streamline Your AI Compliance and Safeguard Your Business

Our AI Policy and Procedures pack provides you with:

  • Complete coverage of key AI-related policies and procedures, tailored to the UK regulatory landscape
  • Flexibility to customise the document to your organisation's unique needs and requirements
  • Affordable pricing options for both the off-the-shelf and tailored versions (please contact us if you require a bespoke version of the document).
  • Ease of implementation and seamless integration with your existing processes


By investing in our solution, you can:

  • Ensure compliance with UK regulations and industry best practices for AI
  • Mitigate the risks of AI-related incidents or legal issues
  • Save time and resources by leveraging a ready-to-use or easily customizable framework
  • Demonstrate your commitment to ethical and responsible AI practices


Don't let the complexities of AI governance hold your business back. Empower your organisation with our comprehensive, customisable AI Policy and Procedures document and unlock the full potential of AI while safeguarding your operations.


Explore our product and take the first step towards AI compliance and risk mitigation. Contact us today to learn more or download the pack now!


This comprehensive policy has been expertly crafted by Senior HR Professional, Non-practising Barrister, and GenAI Specialist, Carolyn Shepherd LLB, CIPD Assoc. LinkedIn Profile.


Who is this For?

Ideal solution for HR professionals to ensure compliant management of this fast evolving area within their business. Detailed notes and step by step guide ensures all stakeholders are involved and government advisory protocols are followed. With this AI policy in place, HR teams can confidently meet their responsibility for policy management. Minimal editing required and bespoked versions available. 


AI-Proactive Businesses

Businesses can rely on this pack to guide ethical and responsible use of AI tools in the workplace, addressing concerns related to data privacy, transparency, and bias.


Companies who prefer to 'wait and see'

Even if your company is not proactively working with AI technologies, it is very likely that some of your staff are already using generative AI tools at work via the internet, such as ChatGPT from OpenAI or Gemini from Google.  They may be using these tools to draft emails or reports and therefore, regulated data is at risk. Non AI-proactive organisations will benefit from the user notes which explain step by step how to adapt the template to suit their 'wait and see' strategy.


Ensure ethical and compliant AI use in your company, download this AI Policy Pack today. 

AI Policy and Procedure Pack (UK)

  • Document Title: General Use AI Policy Template (UK)

    Document Description:

    Content: A 15-page Microsoft Word document containing a customisable AI Policy and User Notes. This document is designed to help businesses establish responsible AI practices within their organisation. See Contents for more specifc details. 

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