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Feeling Vulnerable

Ever felt like you're playing catch-up with the latest tech talk at work, especially when Generative AI gets mentioned? "Upskill Now" is here to change that, and our unique selling point? You won't be navigating through a training course or a cookie-cutter mini-course. Instead, you'll be engaging in a real conversation with a real person. This call is all about breaking down Generative AI into bite-sized, understandable pieces, explaining how it's not just for tech experts but for everyone in the workplace, including you.

Feeling Vulnerable

Why "Upskill Now" Stands Out:
Human-Centred Learning: Unlike scrolling through endless online tutorials, "Upskill Now" offers you the chance to learn about Generative AI through a direct conversation with Carolyn, your GenAI Sister. It's personal, it's interactive, and it's tailored just for you.

Generative AI, Demystified: Feel lost when ChatGPT or similar AI tools come up in work discussions? We'll clarify what Generative AI is in plain language, showing you its impact beyond the tech world and how it can be a tool in your own job, no matter what you do.

Boost Your Confidence, Conversationally: There's no better way to boost your confidence than by having a real talk. You'll move from wondering what to say about AI at work to sharing insights and ideas, thanks to your newfound understanding.

Future-Proof Your Career, Humanely: The work landscape is evolving with Generative AI, and "Upskill Now" ensures you're not just keeping pace but eagerly anticipating what comes next, all through a supportive, human-to-human conversation.

Questions Welcome, Every Step of the Way: Got questions? Perfect! "Upskill Now" is all about asking them, no matter how basic or complex. Our approach is judgment-free, encouraging, and entirely centered around your curiosity and learning.

"Upskill Now" isn't just another item on your to-learn list; it's your doorway to understanding Generative AI in the most human way possible—through conversation, connection, and real-time interaction. It's designed for anyone at work who prefers talking to a real person over clicking through slides. Join us to not just learn about Generative AI, but to connect with it on a personal level, ensuring it makes sense for you and your work. Let's embrace the future of AI together, one human conversation at a time.

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